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The need for unique weddings that wow and amazes the general public is the `it` thing for couples; from simple designs to cutting edge innovations, wedding are becoming more alive for the couples and their guests.

The year 2019 is seeing some beautiful and dramatic trends that engaged couple wants to incorporate into their wedding. Well, if you are looking for a wedding event center filled with character and costumes to bring your wedding alive, visit us at Castle Event Center today.

At Castle Event Center, we shake up the regular wedding theme to give you a personal and authentic emotional wedding with unique expression and experience for your guests.

Some Wedding Trends for 2019

Customize Sneakers for the Couple – heels and weddings are a match in wedding heaven, but sneakers are comfortable footwear for a wedding day. Take it up a notch by having wedding sneakers for the bride and groom customized. It’s sassy and super cool too.

Colors – wedding colors use to be soft and calm to represent what a wedding is supposed to feel like but this year couples are embracing darker, deeper and odd combinations with rich tone and expressions that accentuate the ambiance. Metallic is still trending as it gives the darker colors shine and shimmer.

Hanging Petals and Wearable Flowers – don’t go `ha’ just yet. Brides are going for natural with their bouquet and accessories. Brides are choosing to have the petals on their bouquets hanging to add more volume to their wedding day without compromising on the look.

Using flower accessories are affordable and fit into the theme of your wedding without going overboard. It also allows couples to express their love for nature as part of their wedding.

Lights and more Lights – weddings are meant to be discussed long after the event is over and the lighting is definitely one object to add finesse and improve your guest experience at your wedding.

The wedding Attire – there will always be changes in the way couples decide to express themselves on their wedding day. Grooms now enjoy a layered suit outside the regular black, blue or white.

Brides have also amp the choice of wedding gowns to include colors, textures, and patterns to tie to the ambiance of the wedding venue or theme of the event.

These are some trends floating around in the wedding scene, however, if you have a theme, color, and character or looking for a specific look for your wedding, welcome to Castle Wedding Event Center – where weddings come alive.