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Wedding Packages in Lubbock


Weddings are a sacred occasion; two starry-eyed lovers come together in the company of friends and family to commit to each other forever. Weddings are magical and gives people memories of a lifetime and even for generations. This is why having the perfect location for this event is a big deal. In Lubbock, Tx there exists only one premier wedding location, Castle Event Center. It’s picturesque, old-world setting, and fairytale look makes for a perfect location for your wedding. If you want that feel of royalty and regal splendour, this is the place. For a beautiful wedding, Castle Event Centre is the right place. Their special wedding packages include:


Use of great hall, 2 ready rooms, 3 bathrooms, and kitchen facilities. 80 chairs, 2 tables, CD with 100 plus pictures of your event and initial set up prior to arrival of your guests. Time allowed: 5 hours.


Use of great hall, 2 ready rooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen facilities, 17 tables, 100 chairs, linen tablecloths, CD with 200 plus pictures of your event. Initial set up prior to the arrival of your guests. Time allowed: 6 hours.


Use of great hall, 3 ready rooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen facilities, 25 tables, 120 chairs, linen tablecloths, a 5’ cake table, also initial setup prior to arrival of guests, Cinderella carriage for wedding party photo shoot, CD with 300 plus pictures of your event, trash disposal and clean up after your event. Time allowed: 10 hours.

Make your wedding unforgettable at Caste Event Center – wedding venue in Lubbock. We can’t wait to see your wedding dreams come true at our unique, old world venue. Call today to schedule your tour and book your date before our calendar fills up.

Fantasy Becomes Reality

Castle Event Center in Lubbock

There will come days in our lives that stand out among all others. Moments that we cherish more than any other. A time where wonderful things happen that forever remain etched in our memories. What we’re referring to are the weddings; the birthdays; the graduations; the receptions; the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

These are all events that mark one special occasion or another. Some of them may be recurrent but others happen only once in a lifetime, so you have to make each moment count. Make these events even more special than they already are. And how do you do this? The answer lies in a wonderful place dubbed ‘Castle Event Center’ in Lubbock, Texas.

Fantasy Becomes Reality

Castle Event Center is more than just your average event hosting location in Lubbock. The word ‘castle’ is more literal than you think. We have a philosophy that guides the services we offer our clients: Be different, be unique. Because in the end, ordinary things rarely leave a lasting impression on the mind and heart, so everything we offer you is simply pleasant and extraordinary.

No event can be complete without chairs, tables, and linens. We offer all these, but what sets us apart from the rest is the medieval theme underlying our services. When you walk into an event organized by Castle Event in Lubbock, you might as well have walked into a fantasy book or movie.

Look left and you’ll see statues of Knights in shining armor standing as erect as the spears in their grips. Look right and you’ll see beautiful, pristine carriages parked and seemingly waiting for a King and Queen. Look up and before you is a magnificent castle waiting for you to walk through it. The lush and ripe vegetation just add to that authentic and overall natural feel and look of the place.

Picture this scenario: You and your blushing bride are seated at tables laden with cocktails while your friends and family dance away on our beautiful, hardwood dance floor. On either side of you are indoor fountains adding to the ambiance. Picture all this, but everything is laced with the romanticism of the ancient world; a touch of an ancient era where Kings and Queens rode in carriages and ruled the land. Tell us, how many places can you go and experience such a thing? Very few, we presume.

So if you desire to make any event or celebration a thing to remember, Castle Event Center should have what you seek. We not only promise a unique experience but a thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable one.

Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue in Lubbock, Texas

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. When choosing a wedding venue in Lubbock there are several important considerations. The size of the hall, the available onsite parking and the security situation of the neighborhood should all be considered in your selection. Other factors that will add to your experience are the natural and aesthetic beauty of the venue and grounds. The correct ambiance will add an unforgettable quality to your event that will remain with you and your guests for years to come.

Your Lubbock wedding venue should not only encapsulate the appropriate inside and outside areas to meet your needs but a staff with the experience to insure a seamless flow from start to finish for you and your guests.

The venue you choose should be spacious enough to suit your needs but no so large as to look like you threw a party and nobody came. By choosing a venue that is as extensively decorated as “The Castle Event Center” you will be relieved of the many hours of time consuming decorating required in a larger box type venues. Since our people set up the tables, chairs and linen as instructed by you prior to your arrival, minimal time is required by you to add your own touches to make the space your own.

The Castle Event Center has been the host to weddings, receptions, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and corporate events in Lubbock for over 11 years. This experience allows us to help make your event all it can be.

Call us today to book your wedding or event.

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