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So you have that special day coming up and you want everything to be perfect. You definitely need the right event center to help that happen. There are a number of factors that must be considered to make your day all it can be. Not only is the location, price, and capacity important but additionally the timing of your booking can’t be stressed enough. Few things are more frustrating than finding your perfect location only to find your date was booked months ago. The Castle Event Center is here to fill your every need.

We host a variety of different events. Even though we have specialized in weddings and receptions for the past 11 years, we also host birthdays, anniversary parties, junior / senior proms, and Christmas parties. In all of these cases, the best way to insure you get what you’re looking for is to book early.

No matter what day you are planning your event, you can bet there are several other people out there planning their events on the same day. Last year we actually have 3 requests for the same date call in within an hour of each other. Though this doesn’t happen often having two potential clients call for the same date is fairly routine and of course like so many other businesses, it is a first come first served situation. Something we do here at the Castle Event Center is charging a $500 deposit. Many locals want half or all their fees at the time of booking and that is simply not possible for a lot of people. The deposit we charge insures no one else can book your date out from under you.

Something else to consider when booking, is the day of the week. Saturdays book up early, but there are other days of the week that are not only more available but can have considerable savings.  Don’t worry. be happy, book early!

Be sure an visit the castle during the month of December to see our animated light show.  Bring the kids and the hot chocolate. Park on the front of the property, tune your car radio to 88.7 and sit back and enjoy the show. Every night from December 6th until January 1st from 6:30 until 10:00 pm