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Sometimes, it can be such a task, finding the perfect event center for your wedding. This is especially true if your event happens in the summer when wedding season is at its height. The earlier you book your wedding venue, the better! At Castle Event Center, we are ready to book your 2019 wedding now!

In anticipation of the coming engagement season- which occurs between December and January, Castle Event Center is ready to begin booking weddings and events throughout 2019 right now. If you are one of those lucky couples to have gotten engaged around the holidays and turn of the year from 2018 to 2019, get in touch with us today to get your wedding on our schedule. We don’t want you to miss out by waiting too long to book.

There is no wedding venue in Lubbock like Castle Event Center. With our old-world architecture, indoor pool, and dance floor, your wedding will be the event of the year. Call us today to start the booking process and lock in your 2019 wedding date.

If you don’t know what special date is just yet, here are some ideas to make planning easier.


    1) Call to check our availability. With a number of weddings and events already scheduled, our availability is becoming limited. Call us to see what dates are still available. We book on a first come first served basis so the sooner you call, the better.
    2) Consider weeknight bookings. Weekends are always most popular for a wedding or event, but booking a weekday or weeknight event can open up a lot of other possibilities. Call us today to see what our schedule looks like.
    3) Lastly, consider the whole timeline of your event. When you book with us, we will make sure you have plenty of time for both setup and the event. Don’t get stuck cutting your wedding or event short with a tiny time slot!

    We look forward to your wedding in 2019! Call today to get your event booked with Castle Event Center.