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The year 2018 went down in history as one that saw two royal weddings. The glamour and style were way over the top. This offered more options and ideas to couples planning weddings in Lubbock. Remember, as a bride or a groom, it is your special day. You don’t want to see yourself in your wedding pictures and regret your choice of dress. At Castle Event Center we are committed to making your wedding day special from the dress to the perfect wedding venue in Lubbock.

What should you wear, and of course not wear?

1. Bows: Bows have been a feature on wedding dresses for quite some time, according to Kate Halfpenny, from Halfpenny London. However, she believes that their use is more subtle today. Think of creative ways you use them in both the dress and the decoration.

2. You can choose to be different: Perhaps you have brushed off the idea of wearing a dress, luckily for you, 2019 is the right year to think in new directions. Kate Halfpenny continues by saying that this year is the year to choose to be the ‘rule-breaking bride’. She further added that a combination of tops, trousers, and skirts could make you the most creative bride-to-be.

3. Appliqué Lace: Even though this has always been a sort of norm for weddings, designers believe it will take a more bold stand in 2019. You will marvel at your own beauty while you stand with your lover in our unique Lubbock wedding venue. Our Cinderella coach will help you fulfill that princess image.

4. Different Fabrics and Patterns: Trends have shown that grooms will wear suits that possess different fabrics, and make use of dynamic patterns. On your special day, this will be a perfect style to bring onto our dance floor at Castle Event Center.

5. Go old-school: You don’t want to be caught off guard. Style icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn served as inspirations for most of the wedding dress trends we have seen in 2019. In the various collections, one thing was obvious: the glamour and elegance of the old days. You can go for the gowns with nipped-in waistlines, ball gown skirts, or soft, fluted shirts. Then, add a modern twist to it. Imagine yourself, standing our unique Lubbock wedding venue, reveling in the old world setting, dressed like couples getting married centuries ago.

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January 24, 2019

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