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2019 Weddings Trends: Characters and Costumes

The need for unique weddings that wow and amazes the general public is the `it` thing for couples; from simple designs to cutting edge innovations, wedding are becoming more alive for the couples and their guests.

The year 2019 is seeing some beautiful and dramatic trends that engaged couple wants to incorporate into their wedding. Well, if you are looking for a wedding event center filled with character and costumes to bring your wedding alive, visit us at Castle Event Center today.

At Castle Event Center, we shake up the regular wedding theme to give you a personal and authentic emotional wedding with unique expression and experience for your guests.

Some Wedding Trends for 2019

Customize Sneakers for the Couple – heels and weddings are a match in wedding heaven, but sneakers are comfortable footwear for a wedding day. Take it up a notch by having wedding sneakers for the bride and groom customized. It’s sassy and super cool too.

Colors – wedding colors use to be soft and calm to represent what a wedding is supposed to feel like but this year couples are embracing darker, deeper and odd combinations with rich tone and expressions that accentuate the ambiance. Metallic is still trending as it gives the darker colors shine and shimmer.

Hanging Petals and Wearable Flowers – don’t go `ha’ just yet. Brides are going for natural with their bouquet and accessories. Brides are choosing to have the petals on their bouquets hanging to add more volume to their wedding day without compromising on the look.

Using flower accessories are affordable and fit into the theme of your wedding without going overboard. It also allows couples to express their love for nature as part of their wedding.

Lights and more Lights – weddings are meant to be discussed long after the event is over and the lighting is definitely one object to add finesse and improve your guest experience at your wedding.

The wedding Attire – there will always be changes in the way couples decide to express themselves on their wedding day. Grooms now enjoy a layered suit outside the regular black, blue or white.

Brides have also amp the choice of wedding gowns to include colors, textures, and patterns to tie to the ambiance of the wedding venue or theme of the event.

These are some trends floating around in the wedding scene, however, if you have a theme, color, and character or looking for a specific look for your wedding, welcome to Castle Wedding Event Center – where weddings come alive.



Have you ever dreamed of your magical wedding day? Or perhaps a graduation ceremony or birthday celebration or any of the most special occasions you can imagine, well Castle Event Center in Lubbock, Texas is the perfect place for you.

For weddings specifically, they have the latest trends from what to wear, to the band and DJ selections to the venue. Everything is designed to make your special day perfect. Here are a few band and DJ wedding trends at the Castle Event Center.

Music to the Maxx

This is a popular wedding trend in Texas. It is a wedding DJ company based in Lubbock, Texas, that specializes in providing music for wedding parties, ceremonies, and corporate events. They are an emerging wedding trend and tailor suited to meet whatever needs you may have. They bring your wedding dreams to life.

Surefire Entertainment

This DJ service has about 2 decades of experience and is very versatile in wedding entertainment. Their goal is to make your wedding the most memorable event you have ever had. They are very intentional and do not leave anything to chance. They offer a lot of services including professional sound and lighting, music programming, customized services and timeliness at very reasonable rates.

Though it is somewhat fashionable or trendy for people to use DJs for their weddings, some other people prefer to use live bands. They seem to be able to connect more with live music. This brings us to the live band wedding trends.

Mariachi Carino

This is a live mariachi band from Lubbock, Texas. They are a group that guarantees a good time at your wedding. They are skilled in Mexican music as they have had up to 30 years of experience. They promise to make your day unforgettable. They have accomplished up to 600 performances in 8 years and are willing to be a part of your big day.

Deja Blu Variety Dance Band

This band is based in Colorado but travels up to 500 miles for an event. They have been named Colorado’s best dance band from 2010 to 2018. They have 5 star reviews from Gig master and Wedding wire. They have been known to be phenomenal. You get to pick the songs you would love from their Playlist and they can customize your Playlist to give you what you desire. They are ready to keep the dance floor packed with people for the duration of your event so there’s no dull moment.

Castle event center offers unique wedding trends to make your day beautiful. So reach out today and let us plan your most memorable event at Castle Event Center in Lubbock, Texas.

Castle Event Center: Lubbock Wedding Venue Presents 2019 Wedding Trends: What To Wear

The year 2018 went down in history as one that saw two royal weddings. The glamour and style were way over the top. This offered more options and ideas to couples planning weddings in Lubbock. Remember, as a bride or a groom, it is your special day. You don’t want to see yourself in your wedding pictures and regret your choice of dress. At Castle Event Center we are committed to making your wedding day special from the dress to the perfect wedding venue in Lubbock.

What should you wear, and of course not wear?

1. Bows: Bows have been a feature on wedding dresses for quite some time, according to Kate Halfpenny, from Halfpenny London. However, she believes that their use is more subtle today. Think of creative ways you use them in both the dress and the decoration.

2. You can choose to be different: Perhaps you have brushed off the idea of wearing a dress, luckily for you, 2019 is the right year to think in new directions. Kate Halfpenny continues by saying that this year is the year to choose to be the ‘rule-breaking bride’. She further added that a combination of tops, trousers, and skirts could make you the most creative bride-to-be.

3. Appliqué Lace: Even though this has always been a sort of norm for weddings, designers believe it will take a more bold stand in 2019. You will marvel at your own beauty while you stand with your lover in our unique Lubbock wedding venue. Our Cinderella coach will help you fulfill that princess image.

4. Different Fabrics and Patterns: Trends have shown that grooms will wear suits that possess different fabrics, and make use of dynamic patterns. On your special day, this will be a perfect style to bring onto our dance floor at Castle Event Center.

5. Go old-school: You don’t want to be caught off guard. Style icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn served as inspirations for most of the wedding dress trends we have seen in 2019. In the various collections, one thing was obvious: the glamour and elegance of the old days. You can go for the gowns with nipped-in waistlines, ball gown skirts, or soft, fluted shirts. Then, add a modern twist to it. Imagine yourself, standing our unique Lubbock wedding venue, reveling in the old world setting, dressed like couples getting married centuries ago.

Get in touch today to book your wedding. Our schedule fills up fast so don’t hesitate to call.

You’re Engaged, Time To Book!

Sometimes, it can be such a task, finding the perfect event center for your wedding. This is especially true if your event happens in the summer when wedding season is at its height. The earlier you book your wedding venue, the better! At Castle Event Center, we are ready to book your 2019 wedding now!

In anticipation of the coming engagement season- which occurs between December and January, Castle Event Center is ready to begin booking weddings and events throughout 2019 right now. If you are one of those lucky couples to have gotten engaged around the holidays and turn of the year from 2018 to 2019, get in touch with us today to get your wedding on our schedule. We don’t want you to miss out by waiting too long to book.

There is no wedding venue in Lubbock like Castle Event Center. With our old-world architecture, indoor pool, and dance floor, your wedding will be the event of the year. Call us today to start the booking process and lock in your 2019 wedding date.

If you don’t know what special date is just yet, here are some ideas to make planning easier.


    1) Call to check our availability. With a number of weddings and events already scheduled, our availability is becoming limited. Call us to see what dates are still available. We book on a first come first served basis so the sooner you call, the better.
    2) Consider weeknight bookings. Weekends are always most popular for a wedding or event, but booking a weekday or weeknight event can open up a lot of other possibilities. Call us today to see what our schedule looks like.
    3) Lastly, consider the whole timeline of your event. When you book with us, we will make sure you have plenty of time for both setup and the event. Don’t get stuck cutting your wedding or event short with a tiny time slot!

    We look forward to your wedding in 2019! Call today to get your event booked with Castle Event Center.

Summer Event Booking Tips

So you have that special day coming up and you want everything to be perfect. You definitely need the right event center to help that happen. There are a number of factors that must be considered to make your day all it can be. Not only is the location, price, and capacity important but additionally the timing of your booking can’t be stressed enough. Few things are more frustrating than finding your perfect location only to find your date was booked months ago. The Castle Event Center is here to fill your every need.

We host a variety of different events. Even though we have specialized in weddings and receptions for the past 11 years, we also host birthdays, anniversary parties, junior / senior proms, and Christmas parties. In all of these cases, the best way to insure you get what you’re looking for is to book early.

No matter what day you are planning your event, you can bet there are several other people out there planning their events on the same day. Last year we actually have 3 requests for the same date call in within an hour of each other. Though this doesn’t happen often having two potential clients call for the same date is fairly routine and of course like so many other businesses, it is a first come first served situation. Something we do here at the Castle Event Center is charging a $500 deposit. Many locals want half or all their fees at the time of booking and that is simply not possible for a lot of people. The deposit we charge insures no one else can book your date out from under you.

Something else to consider when booking, is the day of the week. Saturdays book up early, but there are other days of the week that are not only more available but can have considerable savings.  Don’t worry. be happy, book early!

Be sure an visit the castle during the month of December to see our animated light show.  Bring the kids and the hot chocolate. Park on the front of the property, tune your car radio to 88.7 and sit back and enjoy the show. Every night from December 6th until January 1st from 6:30 until 10:00 pm

Indoor Weddings at Castle Event Center, Lubbock

Looking for the best venue for your event in Texas? A place beautiful and serene to make your event an unforgettable experience? The Castle Event Center in Lubbock Texas is your best bet. Castle Event Center is Lubbock’s premier event spot. This magnificent venue is perfect for any type of event you might want to host be it weddings, receptions, graduations, birthdays parties, anniversaries and any other special event. The setting at the castle is designed to add an unforgettable character to your event. Various testimonials and awards attest to this fact.

Castle Event Center – perfectly designed to suit your need

Castle Event Center has an architectural masterpiece known as “The Great Hall”. Designed like an ancient castle, the Great Hall gives a unique impression to your event. The hall is spacious to seat guests. Present within the Great Hall is a dance floor, indoor pool, water wall, and fountain. The outdoor section is serene and well landscaped with natural and manmade elements making the center aesthetically pleasing.

The perfect location for indoor weddings

Planning your wedding and looking for a perfect spot to exchange your vows? Lubbock’s premier indoor wedding venue, Castle Event Center, is the right destination for your indoor wedding. The Great Hall is the right place to walk down the aisle in front of family and friends. The hall can be designed to suit your taste and is also roomy accommodating up to 125 guests.

The medieval look of the Great Hall gives that royal touch to the wedding and the architecture makes it look picturesque, adding color and beauty to your wedding.

What we offer

At Castle Event Center, our services are unmatched and custom designed to meet your need for any type of occasion. Apart from the Great Hall which houses the dance floor and pool, we also have other amenities including a full kitchen, ready rooms, nursery room and more. The antique Cinderella coach is also available for wedding photoshoots. There is a variety of wedding packages to choose from to meet your needs.

Our philosophy at Castle Event Center is to make your event beautiful and memorable. Contact us today to make to book for your next event. Castle Event Center, where the event centers around you!

Wedding Packages in Lubbock


Weddings are a sacred occasion; two starry-eyed lovers come together in the company of friends and family to commit to each other forever. Weddings are magical and gives people memories of a lifetime and even for generations. This is why having the perfect location for this event is a big deal. In Lubbock, Tx there exists only one premier wedding location, Castle Event Center. It’s picturesque, old-world setting, and fairytale look makes for a perfect location for your wedding. If you want that feel of royalty and regal splendour, this is the place. For a beautiful wedding, Castle Event Centre is the right place. Their special wedding packages include:


Use of great hall, 2 ready rooms, 3 bathrooms, and kitchen facilities. 80 chairs, 2 tables, CD with 100 plus pictures of your event and initial set up prior to arrival of your guests. Time allowed: 5 hours.


Use of great hall, 2 ready rooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen facilities, 17 tables, 100 chairs, linen tablecloths, CD with 200 plus pictures of your event. Initial set up prior to the arrival of your guests. Time allowed: 6 hours.


Use of great hall, 3 ready rooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen facilities, 25 tables, 120 chairs, linen tablecloths, a 5’ cake table, also initial setup prior to arrival of guests, Cinderella carriage for wedding party photo shoot, CD with 300 plus pictures of your event, trash disposal and clean up after your event. Time allowed: 10 hours.

Make your wedding unforgettable at Caste Event Center – wedding venue in Lubbock. We can’t wait to see your wedding dreams come true at our unique, old world venue. Call today to schedule your tour and book your date before our calendar fills up.

Fantasy Becomes Reality

Castle Event Center in Lubbock

There will come days in our lives that stand out among all others. Moments that we cherish more than any other. A time where wonderful things happen that forever remain etched in our memories. What we’re referring to are the weddings; the birthdays; the graduations; the receptions; the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

These are all events that mark one special occasion or another. Some of them may be recurrent but others happen only once in a lifetime, so you have to make each moment count. Make these events even more special than they already are. And how do you do this? The answer lies in a wonderful place dubbed ‘Castle Event Center’ in Lubbock, Texas.

Fantasy Becomes Reality

Castle Event Center is more than just your average event hosting location in Lubbock. The word ‘castle’ is more literal than you think. We have a philosophy that guides the services we offer our clients: Be different, be unique. Because in the end, ordinary things rarely leave a lasting impression on the mind and heart, so everything we offer you is simply pleasant and extraordinary.

No event can be complete without chairs, tables, and linens. We offer all these, but what sets us apart from the rest is the medieval theme underlying our services. When you walk into an event organized by Castle Event in Lubbock, you might as well have walked into a fantasy book or movie.

Look left and you’ll see statues of Knights in shining armor standing as erect as the spears in their grips. Look right and you’ll see beautiful, pristine carriages parked and seemingly waiting for a King and Queen. Look up and before you is a magnificent castle waiting for you to walk through it. The lush and ripe vegetation just add to that authentic and overall natural feel and look of the place.

Picture this scenario: You and your blushing bride are seated at tables laden with cocktails while your friends and family dance away on our beautiful, hardwood dance floor. On either side of you are indoor fountains adding to the ambiance. Picture all this, but everything is laced with the romanticism of the ancient world; a touch of an ancient era where Kings and Queens rode in carriages and ruled the land. Tell us, how many places can you go and experience such a thing? Very few, we presume.

So if you desire to make any event or celebration a thing to remember, Castle Event Center should have what you seek. We not only promise a unique experience but a thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable one.

Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue in Lubbock, Texas

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. When choosing a wedding venue in Lubbock there are several important considerations. The size of the hall, the available onsite parking and the security situation of the neighborhood should all be considered in your selection. Other factors that will add to your experience are the natural and aesthetic beauty of the venue and grounds. The correct ambiance will add an unforgettable quality to your event that will remain with you and your guests for years to come.

Your Lubbock wedding venue should not only encapsulate the appropriate inside and outside areas to meet your needs but a staff with the experience to insure a seamless flow from start to finish for you and your guests.

The venue you choose should be spacious enough to suit your needs but no so large as to look like you threw a party and nobody came. By choosing a venue that is as extensively decorated as “The Castle Event Center” you will be relieved of the many hours of time consuming decorating required in a larger box type venues. Since our people set up the tables, chairs and linen as instructed by you prior to your arrival, minimal time is required by you to add your own touches to make the space your own.

The Castle Event Center has been the host to weddings, receptions, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and corporate events in Lubbock for over 11 years. This experience allows us to help make your event all it can be.

Call us today to book your wedding or event.

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